Dramalogue was born from the ‘Teatru Pentru Tine’ Association and their desire to present an incipient, rough-around-the-edges theatre form, the first interaction between the actor and the play, an honest foray into contemporary drama.

Reading performance theatre offers viewers a new perspective - it can be deemed as a challenge to imagine a theatre play just as they would like it, guided only by the actors’ voices, who communicate their feelings in a natural state, with no excessive control, with no safety net.


Friday 23.10

19:30 - Startup Hub, City Business Centre
"Money - Give it to me"

21:00 - Ambasada - "The Murder of Isaac"

Saturday 24.10

17:00 - Alt Club - "The Schooling of Bento Bonchev"

18:30 - Cărturești Mercy - "Identity"

21:00 - Direcția de Cultură Timiș
"The Leaf you are living on is called Europe, but it is not enough to live"

Sunday 25.10

17:00 - Cafenea D’arc - "Plasma"

19:00 - Studio “Uțu Strugari” - "Cosmic Fear, or the day Brad Pitt became paranoid"

21:00 - Electric Theatre - "Petar"

*Tickets are at the price of 10 RON and can be bought before attenting every performance.

Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to.

Willem Dafoe


Money - give it to me!

You wake up one morning and discover your country is at war. Actually, it’s an economic crisis. Which means war. All news channels declare your country’s bankruptcy, and people around you are getting ready for the apocalypse. What do you do? Move on with your life? Do what you used to, water the plants, take your kid to school? This play x-rays humankind and offers a kaleidoscope of survival.

Murder of Isaac

In a rehab center for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) patients established by the National Defense Ministry of Israel, the general atmosphere is pleasant and the patients are undergoing unconventional therapies. Thus, a play is created, where the patients, as a therapeutic exercise, simulate reality in order to be able to adapt to it in the future.

The leaf you are living in

The story is centered around Warsaw’s mayor, who is invited at a radio station taking calls from people sharing stories. Funny stories, sad stories, real and absurd, all of them have something in common - the people’s general and profound disappointment, despite living in the united Europe they had dreamed of.

The schooling of Bento Bonchev

In a future not so far away, the Bulgarian Bento Bonchev is studying sex - a journey into a seemingly improbable history, when people were still abiding the laws of attraction, before changing their focus solely on careers, education and travelling. But when an Amazonian tribe is discovered to practice love games, this stone-cold society goes back to sexuality.


Two TV show presenters prove to be extremely rude, pushing their participants’ limits without worrying about the consequences of their behavior. Professor Ocsuki comes all the way from Japan to calm the people, extremely bothered by these game shows. Will the professor’s calm triumph or will we assist to the victory of violence?

Cosmic Fear, or the day Brad Pitt became paranoid

Los Angeles covered in smog. Tokyo in a general traffic jam. Bangladesh under water. People all around the world inhaling air conditioner. And Brad Pitt suddenly deciding to save the planet from the falling sky. The climate is the scapegoat of mankind. But is it, really, that guilty? Is it really the reason behind all that’s wrong in the world or is it fiction sold to the privileged West?


Marion and Andrei Klein are a young European couple. Although they both graduated from university, none of them is working and their lives go by in precarious conditions. On a wine bottle label, Andre reads that by answering a single question, they could earn a lot of money. But the question will not only challenge their own existence, but also that of their couple.


FELICIA and PETAR are monodramas about young people who want to be heard, who want their stories to be listened, their worries about the future to be addressed to. How are we treating those who are ‘different’, how do we react to their problems? And, most of all, are we ready to help them?

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